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!!! COMMUNITY RULES (Last updated on 210808)

Apr. 2nd, 2008 | 11:58 am
posted by: _bitterbeauty in sgsale

A. Join the community first
To be a member of sgsale, please click here.
And there, you're off to go!

B. Next, register your ljuser to gain posting access
Email to sgsale.reg@hotmail.com to register in the following format:
Leave the subject of the email as your ljuser
Ljuser/Name (as displayed in your I/C):
How you got to know of sgsale (e.g., friend of ___, chanced upon the page & etc):
Date of birth:
Primary email address:
Contactable mobile number:
Mailing address:
Bank, account type account number:
Feedback link(s):

i. Only ONE membership is allowed per person.
ii. Your registration will be rejected if you missed out any of the details.
iii. Once you've registered, it'd mean that you've read & fully understand the rules. No making mistakes!
iv. This is the list of registered members. You will not be able to post on sgsale AT ALL unless you are on this list!

C. In your post,
i. Please include your (SGSTfb (reference only!) & your personal) feedback link (& link them, of course) as well as your positive, neutral (if any) & negative feedback. For eg, If you have 93 positive, 1 neutral and 5 negative feedback: SGSTfb [+93/1n/-5].
ii. When making sales posts, please put up something specific. Your post must contain all/most information that would enable a buyer to decide whether to buy that particular item from you. A post with an image & your journal link will be rejected immediately, as it is considered as
iii. Buyers appreciate clear & good quality pictures with proper description of item(Like flaws, damages & etc).
iv. An LJ cut is always useful for large posts, big fonts & >2 pictures.
v. Every picture outside LJ cut must not exceed 320 x 320 pixels. As for pictures into the LJ cut, it must not exceed 800 x 800 pixels.
vi. Each member is only allowed ONE post per calender day.
vii. No sprees or pre-orders of items are allowed. To prove that you are not conducting a preorder/spree, please include photos of all your goods instead of using website photos. Repeat offenders will be banned. For sprees, please look into _spreee/ sgspree/ spreegarlore
viii. No posting about other communities or selling journals. Only selling posts & looking posts are allowed.

D. Misc
i. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Being nasty will only get you banned.
ii. Mod Privacy: Users are not to send sgsale-related emails to the mods' personal email addresses, or to leave sgsale-related comments at mods' personal LJs. Doing so is a breach of privacy and will result in a 2 to 4 week suspension. All queries or complaints are to be addressed to enquiry.sgsale@hotmail.com
iii. Posts are moderated so do not email us to ask why it is not posted yet. Moderators do have a life as well, they are not catered to the community 24/7.
iv. We reserve the right to change any of these conditions, and to reject any individual or organisation from joining sgsale.

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Email the mods at enquiry.sgsale@hotmail.com if you want to be linked!

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